"Choose your own path, to thine own self be true"
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I really don’t get on here as often and I rarely go on to talk about how I REALLY feel about things that go on deep inside. I use to get on lj or xanga and do my thoughts/blog private , but I don’t really care about on tumblr.

I have felt really down. I try to fix things or do better but its never good enough for me nor others. Sometimes I say yeah im okay with it.. when I’m really not.I have changed a lot. And I don’t really understand how I let it happen o let things get to way they are without noticing.I used to be very outgoing,talkative, not as pessimistic.It just seems like soo much shit happens and its a never ending cycle.It’s ridiculous. I know there is something wrong.I don’t like going to the doctor but I probably should because I have so many issues. I just feel pathetic. I justĀ  I don’t know.I feel worthless.I fucked up somewhere down the road and I don’t know where and I don’t know how or where to start to fix it. I’m not sure.I wish things weren’t so complicated, people cared more and respected each other more. instead of only caring about themselves or being rude. The human race is disgraceful.There are some sincerely good people out there. I know deep inside me there is an optimistically good energeticĀ  person.I just have to find the pieces and sew them back together..

Ya know when looking back at things when you were younger than you are, that you cant do anymore really makes miss those things and never being able to do them again. oh nostalgia.. It helps you realize how thankful you are that were exposed to those things in that time in your life. All that time you’ll never get back..All the mistakes you could have made that could have set you on a different path. But then again I guess why we didn’t chose those things because it wasn’t our path to go down, but it makes you curious as to why not me? All the people you could have helped or met if you wasn’t so reserved or shy or whatever the case maybe. I don’t know just thoughts..